Revitalizing Squash Throughout BC

What is the Squash BC Growth Initiative?

The Squash BC Growth Initiative was established in 2019 with the goal of revitalizing squash throughout BC. Since then, the Growth Initiative has remained our core strategic direction. Its goals are to substantially increase the programs and services delivered to squash players and facilities by Squash BC, with a focus on growing participation at the grassroots and recreational levels. The Growth Initiative requires significant investment to truly change the landscape of squash across our province. The plan for financing the Growth Initiative was split into two phases: a Kickstart Fundraising Phase, where we raised significant capital quickly to launch the Growth Initiative, and a Revenue Generation Phase, where we target ongoing sustainable revenue to support our Growth Initiative programs over the long term. These phases are outlined in more detail below. Squash BC is already delivering on the goals of the Growth Initiative. We have launched and expanded grassroots squash programs across the province, achieving more recreational participation than ever before. More successes of our Growth Initiative are outlined below. The Squash BC Growth Initiative is critical to the long-term sustainability of our sport. You can support the Squash BC Growth Initiative by donating to our Building Future Fund.

Growth Initiative Impact: We welcomed over 40 people into the group programs over the course of a day and so we couldn't be more grateful to be able to offer that to our membership, to be able to help them progress, and all that with the support of Squash BC. We couldn't be happier.

Growth Initiative Success

We have successfully piloted and implemented new grassroots programs like our Roving Ambassador Program, Squash Starters, and the BC Jesters Post-Secondary Program. As well, we’ve expanded existing programs like Women in Squash, Coaching & Officiating Development, and our Junior Pathway Program. In the 2023-24 season, Squash BC has engaged over 3,000 participants with grassroots programming so far. With significant delivery expansion planned, we intend to more than double this number in the season ahead. More metrics from last season, including a programming coverage map, can be found in the Participation section of our 2023 Annual Report.

Growth Initiative - At A Glance

As shown above, the Growth Initiative has seen incredible fundraising support from our community. This was achieved through the hard work of the Squash BC Partnership Committee. The video below highlights the Growth Initiative’s early success and recognizes the tireless efforts of this group of volunteers.

You can support the Squash BC Growth Initiative by donating to our Building the Future Fund.

Fundraising Phases

The plan for financing the Growth Initiative was split into two phases, outlined below. With our Kickstart Fundraising Phase completed in May, 2022, we have now moved into our ongoing Revenue Generation Phase.

Revenue Generation Phase

Our Revenue Generation Phase is comprised of several diversified revenue generation sources, designed to sustain the Growth Initiative in the long-term and contribute to Squash BC’s financial sustainability. The Revenue Generation Phase will be implemented incrementally over time. Revenue sources will include:

  • Ongoing donations from individual members of the squash community
  • Expansion of Squash BC’s Corporate Sponsorship Program
  • Our new Legacy Giving Program
  • Increased program and participation revenue generated through the delivery of Growth Initiative programs and services
  • Increased government and private-sector grants resulting from Squash BC’s expanded program offerings
  • Growth in membership fee revenue due to increased participation
  • Periodic fundraising events

Members of our community have already contributed more than $100,000 in individual donations to our Revenue Generation Phase. You can join them in helping to grow and develop grassroots and recreational squash participation by donating to our Building the Future Fund today.

Kickstart Fundraising Phase (Completed May 2022)

Our Kickstart Fundraising Phase was designed to put Squash BC in a position to develop and implement programs and services needed to grow squash participation in BC as quickly as possible. Due to this design, the Kickstart Phase relied almost entirely on support from individual donors in our community. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donor community and the tireless work of our volunteer Partnership Committee, the Kickstart Fundraising Phase was a resounding success. $342,000 was raised for this phase, surpassing its target of $330,000. We could not be more grateful to all those who contributed to our Growth Initiative and made the Kickstart Phase a success. With these funds now being deployed in our grassroots squash programs, the Growth Initiative is now firmly underway.

Growth Initiative Impact: We were thrilled to be visited by one of Squash BC’s Roving Ambassadors, who ran a squash event at our club. The local players loved learning from an expert like Rebecca. This event was the most excitement and buzz the squash court has had in years!

Growth Initiative Updates

Check out recent updates about the Squash BC Growth Initiative:

A collage of photos from Squash BC Growth Initiative Programs