About Us

Squash BC Positioning Statement

Committed to collaboration and community, Squash BC channels the intensity and passion for the sport into opportunities for squash players of today and tomorrow. Through driving awareness and advocacy inside and outside the squash court, Squash BC’s goals are to provide leadership in promoting the sport, provide access to funding and enabling lasting connections for its members across the province.

Our Vision

Squash is and will continue to be a growing, flourishing, lifelong sport of choice for active, health conscious British Columbians of all ages.

Our Mission

Squash BC is a non-profit organization providing leadership and direction for the growth and development of the sport of squash in BC.

We will do this by:

  • Promoting the growth of squash throughout BC and encouraging more people to play squash.
  • Providing valued services to our individual members and squash clubs in BC.
  • Promoting and sanctioning competitions within BC.
  • Promoting our athletes at the national and international levels of play.
  • Developing programs that will increase the level of play and improve the quality of coaching and refereeing.
  • Building strong relationships with BC squash clubs and local, provincial, national and international squash associations.
  • Seeking and accepting gifts, donations and legacies that will further the sport of squash.

Our Values

  • Excellence: Achieving the best outcomes for our members and our organization.
  • Integrity: Delivering programs, and services with fairness, consistency, and transparency.
  • Innovation: Forward-thinking, proactive, organization that embraces change for the betterment of the game for our stakeholders.
  • Relationships: Fostering positive connections with our stakeholders based on mutual respect and shared values.
  • Service: Enhancing our stakeholders experience and value