Inclusivity & Diversity

Squash BC Inclusivity & Diversity Programming

Squash BC supports a safe, open and inclusive environment for all. We recognize that squash facilities across the province will be looking at ways to engage new members in their facility and encourage more people in their community to play squash. We also recognize that squash facilities are very supportive of their communities and welcoming to all.

Squash Canada has formed a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force whose role is to develop a concrete action plan on how to create and support an enhanced culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion across our country and sport. Squash BC has a member on that Task Force who will be providing regular updates to this program as it rolls out and grows.

In the interim, while this work is underway, Squash BC has developed 4 new pilot programs targeted for youth, that support their communities and also help our member facilities reach potential new members. These programs can be easily adapted to adults or scaled down for younger ages.

  • Indigenous Peoples
  • New Canadians
  • Girls
  • Persons with Disability 

Additional program details will be made available as they are developed.  In the interim, if your club/facility is interested in learning more about any of the above programs, please contact our Program Coordinator, Josh Heuving, at