Squash is one of the most athletic sports in the world. Beyond just being great fun, new benefits of the game are discovered every day.

A Forbes magazine study in 2003 indicated that squash was the healthiest sport in the world. In one hour of squash, a player can expend between 600 to 1000 calories. Squash is affordable, easy to play, accessible, builds muscular strength and endurance, and is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

One of the fastest growing sports in the world, squash is played in over 185 countries and territories. There are nearly 150 National Squash Federations, and according to the World Squash Federation, around 50,000 squash courts around the world. Canada ranked 7th for number of courts per country, with the majority of them located in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Squash is included in more than 20 multi-sport international games and is one of 10 core sports in the Commonwealth Games program.

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Written by Squash Canada – Original Article: https://squash.ca/why-play-squash/