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Squash BC appreciates the support of all our corporate partners. They help us deliver our programs and events, which work towards the growth and development of our sport. If your company would like to support squash and get exposure to our community, take a look at our Partnership Opportunities.

Gold Partners

Jesters Logo


The BC Jesters are a chapter of the Jesters Club, an organization that works to develop the sport of squash across the world. The BC Jesters are Gold Partners of Squash BC and are the title sponsor of our BC Jesters Post-Secondary Program, which engages Post-Secondary students with high-quality squash programming. The BC Jesters also run an annual doubles tournament, which supports our Building the Future Fund. Learn more about the BC Jesters on their website:

Silver Partners

belairdirect logo


Belairdirect provides high-quality and affordable home, condo, and tenant’s insurance. Belairdirect is a Silver Partner of Squash BC and supports our Membership Program by offering Squash BC members with an exclusive discount on their insurance needs, on top of other discounts and savings they qualify for. You can learn more about belairdirect on their website:


Aussie Pie Guy Logo

Aussie Pie Guy
Supporting: BC Open

R&B Brewing Logo

R&B Brewing
Supporting: BC Open

Buntain Insurance Logo

Buntain Insurance
Supporting: Women in Squash

Underhill Geomatics Logo

Underhill Geomatics
Supporting: BC Open,
BC Championships

Additional Program & Event Partners

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Team Kerr Logo

Black Knight Logo

CGG Logo

Governing Partners

Squash Canada Logo

viaSport Logo

Government of BC logo

Are you interested in supporting squash, while giving your business exposure to our community and audience? We are always looking for corporate partners to help us deliver our programs and events. Read on for why you should consider partnering with Squash BC.

Have an Impact

As a not-for-profit organization, we always operate with our mission in mind. If you care about the sport of squash and want to see it grow and thrive, supporting a Squash BC program or event can be a way to feel good about where your sponsorship budget is allocated.

Whether you are partnering with us on a Provincial Championship or one of our programs, you can rest assured that your sponsorship dollars will be put to work to help grow the sport of squash. Squash BC builds Legacy Programs into all our championship budgets, so we can help host communities and facilities carry through the event momentum to deliver grassroots programs and engage new participants.
By partnering with us, your company can get valuable exposure to our community while supporting squash at all levels. For more information, please see our Partnership Opportunities.

Mutual Benefit

We strive to design and deliver mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Ensuring that your business and our community benefit from our partnership is paramount to its success.

As a Squash BC Partner, you get access to our province-wide community of squash players, supporters, facilities, and fans. Depending on your industry or offerings, customizing a partnership that caters to a specific subset of our community can increase engagement with your brand. We want to work together to form long-lasting relationships that benefit our community and your company for years to come.

Why Squash?

Squash is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, with over 20 million players across 185 countries and territories. With its inclusion in the LA2028 Summer Olympics, squash will finally be on display at the world’s biggest stage, increasing global awareness of the sport.

A 2003 Forbes magazine study indicated that squash was the healthiest sport in the world. In just one hour of squash, a player can expend between 600-1000 calories. It is accessible, affordable, easy to play, builds muscular strength and endurance, and is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Why Squash BC?

Squash BC’s mission is to grow, promote, and support the sport of squash throughout British Columbia. We aim to accomplish this through our key priorities:

  • Grow & Promote Our Sport
  • Support & Engage Our Community
  • Develop & Protect Our Infrastructure

Corporate partners get access to our audience and community, which include:

  • 2,400+ Individual Members
  • 30+ Facility Members
  • 60+ Sanctioned Events per Season
  • 4,000+ Annual Competitive Participants
  • 7,000+ Digital Audience
  • 35+ National Champions since 2021

Learn more about what opportunities are available here: Partnership Opportunities or reach out to to speak with a member of our team.


Squash BC recognizes our Partners based on the cumulative contribution they make across all our Sponsorable Properties outlined below. In addition to the robust benefit packages our partners receive from property-sponsorship, we offer additional benefits based on a partner’s overall sponsorship in a calendar year. Please refer to the official Squash BC Partnership Package to learn more.

For more information about a specific Squash BC property, please click on its respective logo.

Adult Championships

BC Open

The BC Open is the cornerstone tournament of our calendar that features BC’s top athletes, as well as talented players from across Canada and beyond, battling it out for the esteemed BC Open titles. The BC Open also features PSA-Sanctioned Professional divisions, giving partners even more exposure to fans.

Displayed logo is from the 2023 BC Open Championships held in North Vancouver.


BC Squash Championships

The BC Squash Championships caps off our squash season by bringing players from across British Columbia together to compete for Provincial Championship Titles. Squash BC moves the BC Squash Championships to a new community annually, giving more facilities and players the opportunity to participate.

Displayed logo is from the 2024 BC Squash Championships held in Nanaimo.

Junior Championships

BC Junior Open

The BC Junior Open is our largest Junior Championship of the season. It brings together top junior squash talent from British Columbia and the rest of Canada to compete for National Ranking Points and esteemed titles.

Displayed logo is from the 2023 BC Junior Open Championships held in Vancouver.


BC Junior Squash Championships

The BC Junior Squash Championships is our annual Junior Provincial Championship. It gives top BC Juniors the opportunity to compete with their peers and represents an important stepping stone towards National junior events.

Displayed logo is from the 2024 BC Junior Squash Championships held in Vancouver.


Vancouver Squash League

The Vancouver Squash League (VSL) is Canada’s largest squash league and boasts more than 500 participants. Operated and sanctioned by Squash BC, the VSL provides players in the Lower Mainland an opportunity to compete and socialize with players from other clubs in weekly match-ups. VSL partnership represents an excellent opportunity to profile your brand across most Lower Mainland squash facilities.


Vancouver Women’s Squash League

The Vancouver Women’s Squash League (VWSL) is a newly launched league in the Lower Mainland that provides women with opportunities to compete and socialize in weekly match-ups. Like VSL, the VWSL is a club-based league with excellent coverage across Lower Mainland squash facilities.


Vancouver Junior Squash League

The Vancouver Junior Squash League (VJSL) is a newly launched league designed to introduce junior squash players to inter-club play in a team atmosphere. The VJSL serves as a vital stepping stone for many junior athletes in the Lower Mainland, getting them inter-club matches weekly in a supportive environment.


Junior Pathway

Squash Starters

Squash Starters Programs and Events introduce young players to squash in a fun and welcoming environment. Facilities across BC partner with Squash BC to deliver these week-to-week instructional programs and fun-focused single-day competitions.


Silver Series Events

The Junior Silver Series is a regionalized tournament series that allows players outside of the top of Squash BC’s provincial ranking system to compete, experience success, and continue to develop their skills. The Silver Series boasts a robust calendar with more than a dozen events annually and a newly launched Points Race that further engages participants.


Gold Series Events

The Junior Gold Series is a Provincial tournament series that brings together the top juniors from BC and beyond to compete in an elite environment. Squash BC partners with facilities to sanction and deliver these events that prepare players for national and international competitions. Squash BC sanctions between 3-5 Gold Series Events each season.


Grassroots Programs

Roving Ambassador Program

The Roving Ambassador Program provides rural and historically underserved squash communities with access to high-quality squash programming. Our Roving Ambassadors visit communities across BC to deliver events, programs, and lessons, with the goal of developing local community champions and building interest for ongoing squash activity.


BC Jesters Post-Secondary Program

The BC Jesters Post-Secondary Program aims to provide Post-Secondary students with access to squash programming so that they can build a love for the sport. Squash BC partners with Post-Secondary Institutions, local facilities, and coaches across the province to deliver this key program.


Women in Squash

Women’s Squash Week (WSW) is a province-wide celebration of women and girls in squash. In 2023, more than 500 women and girls took part in WSW programs and events at over 20 facility partners across BC. Squash BC also delivers our Women In Squash: Leadership Conference annually to provide female leadership development opportunities and continue engaging Women in Squash.


Coaching & Officiating

Coaching Program

Squash BC’s Coaching Pathway is delivered in partnership with Squash Canada and the National Coaching Certification Program. We offer a variety of certification courses and professional development opportunities annually to keep our coaches engaged and grow the number of certified squash coaches across BC.


Officiating Program

Squash BC’s Officiating Program ensures our Provincial Championships and other key events are staffed with certified squash officials to support a safe and fair sport environment for participants.
Squash BC’s newly launched Referee Development Program provides referees with specialized training to improve and develop their refereeing skills. This includes virtual and on court education workshops, mentorship and assessments from highly experienced referees, and further resources.


Other Properties


Find information about more Squash BC sponsorable properties in our Partnership Package.

Partnership Package

Detailed information regarding partnership opportunities, partnership tiers, and sponsorable properties is outlined in the official Squash BC Partnership Package, which can be viewed through the preview window. To download the Squash BC Partnership Package, please click the button below.

Contact Us

For more information regarding partnership opportunities, please contact:

Kiyan Dhanani
Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator


Active Partnership Opportunities

2024 BC Championships – Nanaimo

After a successful trip to Kelowna for the 2023 BC Squash Championships, Squash BC will be continuing the trend of showcasing squash facilities across BC by holding the 2024 BC Squash Championships at the Nanaimo Squash Club from April 11-14, 2024. Like last year, the event will be focused on providing top-notch experience both on and off the court, with high-quality matches and engaging social activities throughout the tournament weekend. We will share more exciting details about our plans for this event soon.