Hardball Doubles Squash was invented in Philadelphia, PA in 1907 and was standardized in the early 1920s.  Hardball doubles has been a fixture of Canadian Squash since the early 1930s. Five Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec) house all 45 courts in the country. The Canadian Doubles National Championships were first played in 1934 and, with the exception of 1938, have been played every year since then. Provincial Championships are held in four of the five provinces and over 1,100 players participate in Doubles Squash leagues across the country. It is estimated that there are over 4,000 hardball doubles players in Canada.

Squash BC has an active and engaged doubles community. If you want to receive information about our squash doubles community, the Doubles Committee Chair, Jillian Anderson, would be happy to include you on the Doubles Community Email Contacts list.  Simply use the signup form below or email Jillian at to be included on the contacts list.

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Squash BC Doubles Committee

Squash BC’s Doubles Committee is a Standing committee responsible for promoting and furthering the game of doubles squash in all facilities.  The Committee is responsible for encouraging the orderly development of all levels of doubles squash players in BC.  Committee Members are:

  • Jillian Anderson (Co-Chair)
  • Brian Covernton (Co-Chair, Officiating)
  • Lynn Broman (EVE)
  • Cathy Brown (Squash BC Director at Large: Doubles & Vancouver Doubles League)
  • Ruth Castellino (Ladies Doubles League)
  • Cathy Covernton
  • Patrick Frost (EVE)
  • Snehal Lakhani (EVE)
  • Sue Kaffka (HLY)
  • Laura Ramsay (VLT)
  • Gary Wong (Technical)
  • Greg Desaulniers (Officiating)
Member Facilities with Doubles Court

Squash BC member clubs have 4 of the 45 doubles courts available in Canada.  These member facilities are:

Playing Doubles 

Here are some useful guides to strategy when playing doubles squash:

BC Doubles Squash Championships

The BC Doubles Squash Championships are hosted annually by one of the doubles court facilities. The Championships bring the top Doubles players from across the province to be crowned the Provincial Champions. The 2024 BC Doubles Championships host will be announced soon.

Vancouver Double Leagues

There are 2 Hardball Doubles Leagues (Vancouver Doubles Squash Leagues – VDSLs) in the Metro Vancouver area. These leagues are played on various nights at the 4 clubs with hardball courts.

Doubles Tournaments

There are 4 Doubles tournaments held annually in the Metro Vancouver area. Each tournament is hosted by a local club given access to all 4 hardball courts. Depending on the number of registrants, a tournament may begin on Tuesday with final matches held either on Saturday or Sunday.

National Championships 

  • Canadian Mixed Doubles Championships – Calgary – February 23 – 25
  • Canadian Doubles Championships – Toronto – April 5 – 7

Out-of-Province Tournaments

  • Wrightson Cup – Portland – October 20 – 22
  • California State Doubles – Los Angeles – November 10 – 12
  • Calgary Open – Calgary – December 1 – 3
  • Pacific Coast Doubles – San Francisco – January 26 – 28
  • Alberta Open – Calgary – March 1 – 3
Doubles Rankings

BC Doubles Rankings can be found here through this link:

Notably, many BC players are on Squash Canada’s doubles ranking lists which can be located here:

  • Canadian Doubles Rankings (Currently Under Review)
Doubles Videos

Check out this incredible playlist from Gary Wong, with videos from doubles events and more! Use the button in the top righthand corner to select from the full list of videos in the playlist.