Squash BC is excited to launch our updated Junior Pathway. The new pathway features Programs and Events that aim to provide a fun, inclusive, and safe environment for young squash players to help develop their love for the sport. Our Junior Pathway is focused on guiding junior athletes through their squash journey, from taking their first steps on court to meeting their competitive goals. Most importantly, it promotes a FUN atmosphere that inspires a love of squash for life. Squash BC is committed to promoting positive and effective Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) in all stages of our Junior Pathway. You can learn more about LTAD as it relates to squash on the Squash Canada “Beyond the Nick” LTAD Website.


Squash BC is excited to announce the new Squash Starters brand. The use of this brand means a program or event delivery partner is committed to reinforcing Squash BC’s quality standards. Squash Starters Programs and Events introduce young players to progressive balls and junior racquets, which allow them to learn and compete with skill-level and age-appropriate equipment. As well, a focus on play-based learning allows participants to stay active for a larger portion of a session, while developing the skills needed in squash play.


Squash Starters Programs are minimum-six-week sessions of structured squash programming focused on play-based learning, which supports the athletic development of participants, on and off the squash court!  Participants will be led by a Safe Sport-compliant program leader, who will guide participants towards meeting the Squash BC physical, tactical, and technical competencies for each level of play. Squash Starters Programs can vary from club to club, as the program leader has the freedom to put their own spin on the program contents and delivery – but ALL Squash Starters Programs are focused on safe, fun, and effective athlete development! Visit our Squash Starters Program Portal or contact your local Squash BC member facility to see if a Squash Starters Program is available in your area. Squash Starters Photo Collage


The Squash Starters Tour is an event series focused on FUN where newer junior players can experience squash competition in a safe and welcoming environment using progressive equipment. Squash Starters events can be structured as a Round Robin Tournament or as a series of timed match rotations. The most important part is keeping participants active and having fun for as much of the event time as possible. Squash Starters include at least three age or level divisions that each use a progressive ball. Check out the Squash BC Calendar of Events or Club Locker tournament list to see the next event near you!


The Junior Silver Series is a regionalized tournament series that allows players outside of the top of Squash BC’s provincial ranking system to compete, experience success, and continue to develop their skills. Silver Series events also represent an opportunity for those succeeding at the Squash Starters level to transition into a more competitive environment. Silver Series Collage Silver Series events are tournaments that can use a round robin or straight draw format (Note: Players are always guaranteed at least two matches). Players provincially ranked in the top eight of U15, U17 & U19 or the top four of U13 (as of the event registration deadline) are ineligible to participate in the Silver Series. Silver Series event divisions can use either single dot (competition) or double dot (pro) balls (at the discretion of the tournament director). Check out the Squash BC Calendar of Events or Club Locker tournament list to see the next event near you!


The Junior Gold Series is a provincial tournament series that provides an opportunity for the elite players from across the province to compete in a high-performance environment, further hone their skills, and prepare for national and international competitions. These events occur about once per month, allowing  top players to compete on a regular basis. Gold Series draws are usually split into Club Locker Rating tiers, with the goal of giving participants consistently competitive matches. Check out the Squash BC Calendar of Events or Club Locker tournament list to see the next event near you! Gold Series Collage

For Facilities

Interested in Hosting a Junior Pathway Program or Event?

Hosting a Junior Pathway Program or Event is a great way for facilities and coaches to get support from Squash BC in their promotion of squash. Participating facilities are eligible to receive funding, equipment, event swag, and tools/resources to help put forth the best possible program or event. The Facility Information Packages for both Junior Pathway Programs and Events are below. Each guide outlines the various requirements for hosts. Facilities should aim to submit Junior Pathway funding applications a minimum of 30 days prior to the start day of the event/program. If coaches or facility representatives have any questions about our Junior Pathway funding, they should reach out to programs@squashbc.com


Squash BC is excited to share our newly launched Junior Pathway Program Funding Model. Interested facilities can apply for funding and equipment from Squash BC to put forth high-quality junior programs. To qualify, programs must follow the quality standards set by Squash BC. These include: the use of progressive equipment, a Safe Sport compliant Program Leader, and more. Most importantly, programs must be focused on FUN while they reinforce the FUNdamentals of Squash!  Interested facilities can receive up to $1,000 plus progressive equipment, tools and resources to better promote and develop your programming for a 4 week session.


Facilities interested in hosting a Squash Starters Tour or Silver Series event are eligible for up to $300 in funding plus event equipment, Squash BC swag and event marketing materials! Please visit the Funding Information Guide for more details regarding event type, application instructions, event requirements and more. Submit an application today to reserve your dates on the Squash BC Calendar of Events.


These events are offered on an annual basis and will be scheduled during the summer. Clubs that are interested in hosting a Gold Series event should contact sportdevelopment@squashbc.com for more information.