Interested in trying, learning, or playing squash? Squash BC is here to help. We can assist you in finding where squash courts are near you. As well, we can help set you up for success with high-quality programs, information about rules and equipment, and more. Plus, if you’re ready to compete, we govern the province’s tournament and league calendar, so we can show you where and when to show off what you’ve learned in a safe and fun environment.

Why Play Squash?

Squash is one of the most athletic sports in the world. Beyond just being great fun, new benefits of the game are discovered every day.

A Forbes magazine study in 2003 indicated that squash was the healthiest sport in the world. In one hour of squash, a player can expend between 600 to 1000 calories. Squash is affordable, easy to play, accessible, builds muscular strength and endurance, and is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Learn more about why you should try squash today!

Where to Play

There are squash courts, clubs, and facilities available for you to play in across BC. Squash BC is committed to supporting these facilities and advocating for new courts. Check out our Court Finder to see what facilities are near you. And view our List of Member Facilities to see what clubs are affiliated with Squash BC.

Try, Learn & Play – Squash BC Programs

Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned court veteran, we have program options for you. Squash BC partners with facilities and coaches across the province to deliver high-quality programs for juniors and adults.

New and developing junior squash players (or their parents) should check out our Junior Pathway Program, which includes our exciting Squash Starters Initiative. You can also see what Squash Starters Programs and Events are available near you in our Squash Starters Program Portal.

Don’t worry, we have programs for adults too! If you’re a current Post-Secondary Student, learn where we offer BC Jesters Programs. And for those in rural or under-developed squash communities, see when our Roving Ambassador Program is coming to you.

Finally, if you’re experienced with squash and interested in getting more involved in the sport, check out our Coaching and Officiating Pathways.

Ready to Compete?

Squash BC has competitive programming and events available for all levels of play. Check out our Calendar of Events for a full list of upcoming tournaments and visit our Tournaments Page to learn more about our various tournament levels. As well, see whether there is a Sanctioned League in your area.

For any Squash BC-sanctioned competitive activity, you will need to you have your Squash BC Membership set up before you register.

More Ways to Play

Squash BC oversees all types of squash in BC. In addition to singles, we have a vibrant doubles community. You can learn more about doubles squash on our Doubles Page. As well, now’s a great time to try Squash 57, a lower impact version of the sport.