The 2024 BC Junior Squash Championships, held at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club from March 15-17, saw amazing matches throughout the weekend and crowned 10 new Provincial Champions. This year, a record-breaking 112 juniors participated in the tournament, showcasing the rising popularity and talent within the squash community in BC.

Juniors battled it out across various divisions, including Boys and Girls U11 to U19. The event also featured the introduction of 3 Silver divisions where players battled it out for points in the Silver Series Point Race looking to qualify for the new Silver Series Finals.

Squash BC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to viaSport’s Hosting BC Grant for supporting the event. We also express our gratitude to the Squash BC Staff and Board team for their tireless efforts in delivering the event, the Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club for hosting, and all Referees, who contributed to the event’s smooth operation.

Special recognition goes to Tournament Referee and Assessor Simon Bicknell, who played pivotal roles in guiding and assessing the referees. His expertise and support have been invaluable in ensuring the success of the Referee Development Program.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the players, parents, and supporters who contributed to the great event. Your passion and dedication to the sport of squash are what made the 2024 BC Junior Squash Championships a truly fantastic experience! Check out the gallery below for pictures of all medalists and read on for placements in each division. Congratulations to all participants, we hope to see you next year!


Boys Under 11 

Gold – Cayton Liu (Vancouver)
Silver – Lawrence Song (Vancouver)
Bronze – Mason Lee (Richmond)

Girls Under 11 

Gold – Annie Wang (Vancouver)
Silver – Joanna Zheng (Richmond)
Bronze – Simone Yuan (Vancouver)

Boys Under 13 

Gold – Kingsley Yuan (Vancouver)
Silver – Marcelo Toriz (Richmond)
Bronze – James Yun (Richmond)

Girls Under 13 

Gold – Lily Fan (Vancouver)
Silver – Mabelle Sy (Richmond)
Bronze – Loretta Chung (Richmond)

Boys Under 15 

Gold – Shaan Bajwa (Vancouver)
Silver – Daniel Wang (Vancouver)
Bronze – Aaron Yao (Vancouver)

Girls Under 15 

Gold – Veera Dhaliwal (Richmond)
Silver – Jayme Bracewell (North Vancouver)
Bronze – Victoria Cai (Vancouver)

Boys Under 17 

Gold – WeiHan Wang (Vancouver)
Silver – Anderson Brown (Victoria)
Bronze – Jet Li (Vancouver)

Girls Under 17 

Gold – Wing Kai Gladys Ho (Vancouver)
Silver – Heyang Angela Hong (Vancouver)
Bronze – Ella Cao (Vancouver)

Boys Under 19 

Gold – Roman Bicknell (West Vancouver)
Silver – Lucas Quon (Victoria)
Bronze – Dylan Scott (Vancouver)

Girls Under 19 

Gold – Hermione Cao (Vancouver)
Silver – Cynthia Yu (Vancouver)
Bronze – Sarah Aki (North Vancouver)

Silver Division 1 

Gold – Kanika Sharma (Delta)
Silver – Yilin Wu (Richmond)
Bronze – Fiona Xu (Richmond)

Silver Division 2 

Gold – Henry Ratchford (Vancouver)
Silver – Max Wang (Surrey)
Bronze – Rianna Iatawa (Pitt Meadows)

Silver Division 3 

Gold – Nina Wang (Vancouver)
Silver – Darren Zheng (Richmond)
Bronze – Christine Park (Richmond)

Check out the BC Junior Squash Championships Club Locker Tournament Page for a full list of match results.