The Presidents Plate

The President’s Plate is awarded for the best supporter of our game and our Association.

This trophy has a more recent history, being donated in 1978 by then B.C.S.R.A. President, John Cartmel. The “great supporter” trophy went to the wife of the Association President for her many hours of dedication at courtside and tournament functions. In later years, “supporter” has encompassed a broader spectrum of squash enthusiasts and is now awarded for the best supporter of our game and our Association in a myriad of different ways.


2019/2020 Shawn Zwierzchowski
2018/2019 Gerry Takeuchi
2017/2018 Bev Lawton
2016/2017 Ian Sefton
2015/2016 Lynn Broman & Rick Kochanski
2014/2015 Stacy Hall
2013/2014 Rahim Jessa & Martin Young
2012/2013 Not awarded
2011/2012 Vancouver Racquets Club
2010/2011 Tim Bale
2009/2010 Robert Pacey
2008/2009 Marvin Mizinski
2007/2008 Tony Goodson
2006/2007 Diane Grady
2005/2006 Not Awarded
2004/2005 Not Awarded
2003/2004 Not Awarded
2002/2003 Not Awarded
2001/2002 Not Awarded
2000/2001 Playcon
1999/2000 Not Awarded
1998/1999 Pat Yik
1997/1998 Wayne Baier
1996/1997 Not Awarded
1995/1996 Debra Kato
1994/1995 Chris Owen/Kathryn Owen
1993/1994 John Sagan
1992/1993 Garth Patrick
1991/1992 Richard Martin
1990/1991 Sandy Drever
1989/1990 Heather Hamilton
1988/1989 John Lubinich
1987/1988 Edward Warner
1986/1987 Mike Morasco/ Phil Rutter
1985/1986 Andrew Harley
1984/1985 Stella Chapman
1983/1984 Ava Jackson
1982/1983 Cheri Greenwood
1981/1982 Pat Heaney
1980/1981 Sheila Adams
1979/1980 Vicki Bale
1978/1979 Adele McNeil
1977/1978 Peggy Morfitt