The Massy Goolden Trophy

The Massy Goolden Trophy is designated to honor junior players for achievement combined with sportsmanship.

Captain Massy Goolden was one of the other truly dedicated squash enthusiasts. In 1929, he constructed an English-sized court at his home “The Knole” at 57th Avenue and Marine Drive in South Vancouver. Recently retired from the Navy he had married the widow of Mr. Blythe Rogers, brother of Ernest and developed a strong interest in the game. The ‘Goolden Court’ was in constant use for many years, both for friendly games and tournament play. Captain Goolden was also instrumental in establishing the Vancouver Squash League. Captain Goolden with A.E. John Jukes, donated the Jukes-Goolden Challenge Cup, awarded annually to the winner of the Provincial Championships. The trophy was later renamed and designated to honor junior players in the early 1970′s for junior achievement combined with sportsmanship.

History of Recipients
2021/2022 Alex Brown & Christian Yuen
2019/2020 Lucia Bicknell
2018/2019 Matt Bicknell
2017/2018 Sam Scivier/Brooke Herring
2016/2017 Ryan Picken
2015/2016 Grace Thomas
2014/2015 Matthew Toth
2013/2014 Michele Garceau
2012/2013 Alexandra Toth/Michael Thompson
2011/2012 Abby Foster
2010/2011 Nicole Bunyan
2009/2010 Morgan Latremouille
2008/2009 Rumi Tejpar
2007/2008 Thomas Brinkman
2006/2007 Sarah Parsons
2005/2006 Sarah Parsons
2004/2005 Ashley Clackson
2003/2004 Ashley Clackson
2002/2003 Mark Ridgeway
2001/2002 Kristie Tyrrell
2000/2001 Alikhan Sachedina
1999/2000 Tim Vipond
1998/1999 Michael Blumberg
1997/1998 Brendan Abercrombie/Rebecca Fouchard
1996/1997 Michelle Smith/ David Yik
1995/1996 Megan Hattori/Bobby Toor
1994/1995 Kyle Shura
1993/1994 Peter Yik
1992/1993 Karyn Trombley
1991/1992 Joey Forster
1990/1991 Cameron Fishenden
1989/1990 Stephen Gustafson
1988/1989 Winston Cabell
1987/1988 Darren Thomson
1986/1987 Jim ‘Go Go’ Geddis
1985/1986 Trevor Thom
1984/1985 Trevor Thom
1983/1984 Trevor Thom
1982/1983 Dave Proctor
1981/1982 Mark Heaney
1980/1981 Sher Horne
1979/1980 Not Awarded
1978/1979 Richard Jackson
1977/1978 Cathy Covernton
1976/1977 Dave Cox
1975/1976 Dave Cox
1974/1975 Pat Richardson
1973/1974 Pat Richardson
1972/1973 Mike Desaulniers
1971/1972 John Dowling