Honorary Members of Squash BC

The Lifetime Membership program started in 2007. The Squash BC board decided there were many people who had volunteered hundreds of hours to squash in British Columbia and they should be recognized by having a lifetime membership.

Squash BC is eternally grateful to these people who have made squash what it is in British Columbia today.

The program recognizes past presidents who have been on the board of Squash BC for at least five years and recipients of the Jack Larsen award. Many of these people have done both.


Past Presidents
Pres 12-15 Jonathan Money
Pres/JL 10-12 Mark Robinson
Pres/JL 06-10 John Roche
Pres/JL 00-06 Brooke Siver
Pres/JL 98-00 Tim Saunders
Pres/JL 96-98 Joe Hattori
Pres/JL 94-96 Kevin Kydd
Pres 91-94 Mike Tooley
Pres/JL 88-91 Morley Jameson
Pres/JL 84-88 Tony Maycock
Pres/JL 82-84 Tim Bale
Pres 80-82 Michael Jackson
Pres 78-80 Jack Cartmel
Pres 76-78 David Edgar
Pres/JL 74-76 Peter Woolley
Pres/JL 72-74 Roger Ovens
Pres/JL 69-72 George Morfitt
Pres/JL 67-69 Neil Desaulniers
Jack Larsen Award
Jack Larsen 19-20 Allan Brown
Jack Larsen 18-19 Ruth Castellino
Jack Larsen 16-17 Bill Vipond
Jack Larsen 15-16 Andrew Braff
Jack Larsen 14-15 Kevin Dorrius
Jack Larsen 11-12 Dan Lindsay
Jack Larsen 10-11 Paul Marley
Jack Larsen 08-09 Andrew Lynn
Jack Larsen 06-07 Mark Heaney
Jack Larsen 00-01 Gerry Poulton
Jack Larsen 97-98 Abdul Shaikh
Jack Larsen 94-95 Sue Wastie
Jack Larsen 93-94 Winnie Cook
Jack Larsen 92-93 Steve Lawton
Jack Larsen 90-91 Rod Symington
Jack Larsen 89-90 Charles Smith
Jack Larsen 88-89 Ted Moore
Jack Larsen 87-88 Brian Covernton
Jack Larsen 86-87 Joyce Maycock
Jack Larsen 84-85 John Furlong
Jack Larsen 83-84 Bruce Alexander
Jack Larsen 82-83 Lynn Broman
Jack Larsen 81-82 Stuart Dixon
Jack Larsen 80-81 Martin Kaffka
Jack Larsen 78-79 Peter Mercer
Jack Larsen 76-77 Phil Green
Jack Larsen 75-76 John Dowling
Jack Larsen 74-75 Jane Cartmel
Jack Larsen 70-71 David Thom
Jack Larsen 68-69 Mitch Hiddleston
Jack Larsen 67-68 David Foster