Bulk Membership

Squash BC Member Facilities get access to our Bulk Membership Program! Any Member Facility that purchases 2023/24 memberships for their club members through the Bulk Membership Program will use the 2022/23 membership fees as well as a discount schedule for Adult Memberships.

If a facility chooses to move forward with a Bulk Registration for their members, Squash BC requires that ALL active squash members of the facility be included in the renewal.


The 2023/24 Bulk Membership Registration Rates are as follows:

  • Adult Memberships:
    • 0-24 Members: $44.00 + GST/Member/Year (Save $5/Member)
    • 25-99 Members: $35.00 + GST/Member/Year (Save $14/Member)
    • 100-149 Members: $32.00 + GST/Member/Year (Save $17/Member)
    • 150-199 Members: $28.00 + GST/Member/Year (Save $21/Member)
    • 200+ Members: $23.00 + GST/Member/Year (Save $26/Member)
  • Young Adult Memberships: $20.00 + GST/Member/Year (Save $5/Member)
  • Junior Memberships: $15.00 + GST/Member/Year (Save $5/Member)
  • Recreational Memberships: $12.00 + GST/Member/Year (Save $3/Member)

After submitting your bulk membership request on Club Locker, please email office@squashbc.com to confirm your submissions.

For more information on the Bulk Membership Program or purchasing a Facility Membership, please email office@squashbc.com.