Do you know someone who has made an incredible contribution to squash in BC? Now is the time to nominate them for the 2024 Squash BC Service Awards! Submit your nominee(s) through the 2024 Squash BC Service Awards – Nomination Form. Award recipients will be announced in Fall 2024 ahead of the 2024/25 squash season.

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The Jack Larsen trophy is the highest honour an individual can receive from Squash BC and is awarded in recognition of significant overall contributions to the development of Squash in BC.

Named for J.H.R. Larsen who played squash in Vancouver way back in the 1920’s on the ‘Rogers Court’ and at the Jericho Golf & Country Club. Part of the group instrumental in securing the original Vancouver Racquets Club property at Oak and 25th in 1954, he was a three-time Provincial Champion in 1950, 1951 and 1953, one of only two players to win the title more than once during that decade. His brother, E.R. (Ned) Larsen, was the Headmaster of Shawnigan Lake School when the new courts were built there in 1966 and dedicated to the memory of Jack who was a graduate of the school.

Criteria: Single individual for significant overall contributions to development of squash in BC


The President’s Plate is awarded for the best supporter of our game and our Association.

This trophy has a more recent history, being donated in 1978 by then B.C.S.R.A. President, John Cartmel. The “great supporter” trophy went to the wife of the Association President for her many hours of dedication at courtside and tournament functions. In later years, “supporter” has encompassed a broader spectrum of squash enthusiasts and is now awarded for the best supporter of our game and our Association in a myriad of different ways.

Criteria: Single individual, group of persons or companies for their support to squash


The Rogers Trophy is awarded for the best record in national and international competition.

Named after Ernest Rogers, one of the Rogers Sugar family. He first played squash in the early 1920’s on the John Fordham court which was built in the 1890’s to English (international) specifications. It was located at Beach Avenue and Cardero Street. However, Mr. Rogers played on American courts in Seattle on several occasions, so in 1927 he built the ‘Rogers Court’, the first North American court in Vancouver at 1789 Matthews Avenue.

In 1951, the Department of National Defence courts (accessible to the small playing fraternity) were turned into offices and for the next year, squash survived at the ‘Rogers Court’. Irene Rogers, widowed by this time, very generously made her court available to the dozen or so active players at that time. The Rogers Trophy was later established by several of these players in appreciation of the contribution to squash made by both Ernest and Irene Rogers.

Criteria: Single individual for results at national and international competitions


The Massy Goolden Trophy is designated to honor junior players for achievement combined with sportsmanship.

Captain Massy Goolden was one of the other truly dedicated squash enthusiasts. In 1929, he constructed an English-sized court at his home “The Knole” at 57th Avenue and Marine Drive in South Vancouver. Recently retired from the Navy he had married the widow of Mr. Blythe Rogers, brother of Ernest and developed a strong interest in the game. The ‘Goolden Court’ was in constant use for many years, both for friendly games and tournament play. Captain Goolden was also instrumental in establishing the Vancouver Squash League. Captain Goolden with A.E. John Jukes, donated the Jukes-Goolden Challenge Cup, awarded annually to the winner of the Provincial Championships. The trophy was later renamed and designated to honor junior players in the early 1970′s for junior achievement combined with sportsmanship.

Criteria: Junior individual or individuals who have shown success at provincial, national and/or international events, as well as sportsmanship


The award is presented to an individual who has unselfishly inspired, coached or mentored Junior squash players. This award was started and donated by Paul King and Family.

Criteria: Individual or group of persons who inspired, coached, or mentored juniors