Squash BC is proud to unveil its new brand identity and logo, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s history. The new logo brings a refreshed brand identity to Squash BC and better reflects the organization’s mission to grow, promote, and support the sport of squash throughout British Columbia.

Squash BC’s new brand identity brings a modern, professional, and accessible feel. This shift is in alignment with Squash BC’s Growth Initiative and 2023-28 Strategic Plan, both of which focus on the growth, development, and support of the province-wide squash community. The new logo borrows elements of British Columbia’s iconic geography, including mountains and the Pacific ocean, brought together by a squash racquet, which symbolizes the organization’s role to connect squash players and communities across BC.

Squash BC’s new logo and brand celebrates the strength and passion of our community, while speaking to the organization’s increased operations as part of our Growth Initiative and new Strategic Plan. This exciting and modern logo will help us grow the sport, while giving our community a new brand to rally behind.” said Executive Director, Colin Latchford.

Logo Meaning and Usability

Utilizing three components, the logo conveys elements of Squash BC’s organizational identity:

  • Highest Potential: As a representation of British Columbia’s beautiful mountain ranges, these peaks symbolize our community’s drive and determination to reach its highest potential.
  • Building Momentum: As a coastal province, the waves represent the Pacific Ocean’s strong current, which matches the momentum of our organization’s mission to grow, promote, and support the sport of squash throughout BC.
  • Strong Together: The racquet brings together all elements within the logo, representing Squash BC’s role to connect squash communities throughout our province and support their growth and development.

The versatility of the new design allows for frictionless use across a variety of locations and mediums. With colour and orientation variations built in, the logo can easily fit wherever the organization needs to use it – further cementing the brand identity. The logo also allows for future customization for program and event branding, yielding even more brand recognition across the community.

Now is the right time for Squash BC to launch a new brand. Motivated by refreshed strategic priorities, this new logo has a clean and modern feel, while providing the versatility and functionality our team needs to better brand our programming and promotional efforts.” said Squash BC Board of Directors President Bruce Matthews.

Logo Evolution and Design Process

The logo’s redesign began as an internal project by the Squash BC team. Executive Director Colin Latchford and Marketing & Partnerships Coordinator Kiyan Dhanani worked collaboratively to finalize a core concept and draft design. From there, local design agency The Creative Solution was engaged to turn the concept into a reality.

A key focus of the design process was to include representative elements of British Columbia’s geography, while maintaining a visualization of squash. The goal was to create a logo that stands out among Provincial and Territorial Squash Associations, as well as Provincial Sport Associations in BC. The new logo also borrows some styling of Squash BC’s previous brand, so as to harken back to the organization’s history as it carves its path forward. As well, the modern and professional font and colour palette cements the logo’s usability for years to come.

The Squash BC logo has evolved over time, with each new iteration improving our brand identity. Take a look at the previous iterations of Squash BC’s logo below.

Stay Tuned…

The new creative will replace the organization’s old logo across all digital and print marketing material, clothing, and more. Squash BC is actively transitioning all properties over to the new colour palette and branding. We look forward to continuing to share this new brand vision with you as Squash BC moves forward towards our goals.