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Squash BC is seeking your support to help us Squash Barriers and improve access to and awareness of our sport through our Squash in Schools program. Our new Squash Barriers Campaign aims to raise the funds required to deliver Squash in Schools at no cost to participating students, teachers, or schools for the upcoming 2024-25 school year.

Some Schools invest as little as $500/year in external phys-ed programs and new equipment

Donate to the Squash Barriers Campaign Here

About Squash in Schools

Squash BC launched our new Squash in Schools program this year, bringing the sport we love into elementary school phys-ed classes. We’re on track to introduce squash to thousands of students before the end of the school year. Our delivery of the program so far has yielded several key takeaways:

  1. Awareness for squash among children is low. When asked, very few participants had previously tried the sport and many hadn’t heard of it. This is why delivering this program is important.
  2. Phys-Ed teachers and budgets are strained. Some schools invest as little as $500 per year for new equipment and external programs. This is why we should remove the barrier of cost to participate.
  3. Students have loved the introductory curriculum and teachers have expressed interest in expanded opportunities for students to play the sport. This is why we should expand the program to include multi-week deliveries and after-school programs.

These takeaways are why we are seeking your donations to help us Squash Barriers and expand our Squash in Schools program to include:

  • More Communities
  • Pilots of After-School Programs
  • Sponsored squash facility field trips for select low-income schools

Just $20/month introduces squash to 100 students.

Donate to the Squash Barriers Campaign Here

Impactful Results

Your Squash Barriers donation will directly fund the delivery of Squash in Schools for the 2024-25 School Year. Even small donations make a difference for a high-impact program like this. Just $20/month will allow the program to introduce squash to 100 students*. We’re challenging our community to work together to collectively reach the following donation goals:

$10,000 – Allows Squash BC to deliver Squash in Schools for the 2024-25 school year without charging schools, reaching an estimated 3,000 students

$25,000 – Allows Squash BC to expand the program to more communities and pilot after-school programming to select schools, reaching over 5,000 students

*Participation estimate based on one year of consecutive monthly donations.

How to Donate

Squash Barriers Donations can be made to the Squash BC Building the Future Fund here. All donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt through the BC Amateur Sport Fund.

You can choose to set up a recurring monthly donation or a one-time donation. Please ensure you check the box to “Share your information with Squash BC” so we can thank you for your support! If you would prefer to make a donation by cheque or paper form, please feel free to email office@squashbc.com and we will happily assist you.

The Squash Barriers Campaign is active now and will run until August 31, 2024. Help us reach our goals and deliver Squash in Schools for the 2024-25 school year by donating today: Donate to the Squash Barriers Campaign Here.

Squash Barriers by Supporting Squash in Schools