Silver Series Points Race & Finals Recap

The inaugural Silver Series Point Race wrapped up in April with a Silver Series Finals tournament weekend, hosted at the St. Michaels University School in Victoria. 

Silver Series Points Race

The Silver Series Point Race was launched in October to award juniors playing in many Silver Series events across the province. Kaleb Armstrong of Shawnigan Lake School and Albert Xian Tang of Sport Central Athletic Club won their respective regions. The Island Point Race saw many leader changes throughout the season, with Kaleb winning the region with 540 points, James Webb finishing closely behind in second place with 510 points and Rakshith Arun finishing third with 487 points. The Mainland Points Race saw Albert skyrocket in standings at the Silver Series Finals. Prior to the event, he was sitting in 10th place, and his Finals efforts saw him jump to first with 340 points. Bella Ning came a close second place only 13 points behind Albert, and Amya Naimi came third just 3 points behind Bella.

The Point Race incentivizes participation in the Series and allows juniors to track their success. Athletes receive 20 points towards the series for participating in an event and could earn up to 100 points if they win their division. For more information regarding the Point Series visit the Silver Series Information page. This year a total of 237 juniors competed in the Silver Series Point Race, with very close races in both the island and mainland standings where it came down to the final Silver Series Finals tournament to declare the winner of both regions. 

Silver Series Finals

The Silver Series Finals had a total of 48 participants battle for double points towards the Point Race standings. This event provided an opportunity to bring the two regions together to celebrate another amazing season of squash, and a great inaugural Silver Series Point Race. Squash BC would like to thank St. Michael’s University School and Grace Thomas for hosting the Silver Series Finals in partnership with Squash BC. 

Silver Series Finals Medalists:

Tier 1 

Gold – Max Arndt 

Silver – Kaleb Armstrong 

Bronze – Alex Hann 

Tier 2 

Gold – Keith Alexander 

Silver – Cian Zirui Tang 

Bronze – Lorien le Poer Trench 

Tier 3

Gold – Rakshith Arun 

Silver – Justin Tam 

Bronze – Karan Dhillion 

Tier 4 

Gold – Vince Schachter

Silver – James Webb

Bronze – Lucas Wei 

Tier 5

Gold – Chloe Whitney 

Silver – Shaan Arneja

Bronze – Jacob Ji 

Tier 6 

Gold – Hardy Hu 

Silver – Rebecca Li 

Bronze – Kathryn Chen 

Check out the Silver Series Finals Club Locker page for a full list of results from the Silver Series Finals. 

About the Squash BC Silver Series

The Silver Series is a regionalized tournament series that allows players outside of the top of Squash BC’s provincial ranking system to compete, experience success, and continue to develop their skills. Silver Series events also represent an opportunity for those succeeding at the Squash Starters level to transition into a more competitive environment.