Squash BC launched our new Silver Series Points Race in October 2023. Junior players can earn points and improve their standing by competing in Silver Series events and draws throughout the 2023-24 season. We are excited to share the Points Race Standings for Island and Mainland competitors through the end of December 2023.

December 2023 Points Race Standings

So far this season, 163 players have earned Silver Series Points, giving them a spot in the race. The race is split into Island and Mainland divisions. Enzo Sartori currently leads the Island Race, with Omar Ghoneim and Arian Jafferi close behind. On the Mainland, Travis Shen is in the pole position, with Nathan Jiao and Emily Xu in second and third, respectively.

You can view the full Silver Series Points Race Lists for Island and Mainland divisions on our Junior Silver Series Page.

Upcoming Events

The silver series is back in action this week, with the Shawnigan Lake Silver Series #2 and Vancouver Lawn Silver Series #1 events taking place. Juniors interested in entering the race should keep an eye on our Club Locker Event List for more Silver Series opportunities. Facilities interested in hosting a Silver Series Event can apply for funding through our Junior Pathway Program.