CJO & USJO Recap: Strong Performance by BC Juniors

BC had strong representation at both the Canadian Junior Open (CJO) taking place in Niagara-on-the-Lake and the US Junior Open taking place in Pennsylvania. Over 50 Juniors travelled to the Canadian Junior Open which was highlighted with Wing Kai Gladys Ho bringing home the Girls U17 national title and BC claiming 7 other medals in very competitive fields.

A few of our Junior’s followed up the CJO by travelling to Philadelphia to compete against a large number of top international juniors at the US Junior Open. BC had four juniors placing in the top 8 at the USJO, highlighted by 5th place finish by Ocean Ma (GU19).

Canadian Junior Open 

GU11 – Annie Wang – 2nd
GU11 – Joanna Zheng – 5th
GU11 – Hannah Xu – 6th
GU11 – Harper Yangli – 8th.

GU13 – Lily Fan – 2nd
GU13 – Victoria Cai – 3rd

GU15 – Joelle Kim – 2nd
GU15 – Heyang Angela Hong – 3rd
GU15 – Veera Dhaliwal – 7/8th

GU17 – Wing Kai Gladys Ho – 1st
GU17 – Cynthia Yu – 5th

GU19 – Maria Min – 3rd
GU19 – Hermione Cao – 4th

BU13 – Theo Song – 5th

BU15 – Daniel Tiwana – 6th
BU15 – Joseph Suh – 7/8th

BU17 – WeiHan Wang – 2nd
BU17 – Anderson Brown – 7th

BU19 – Roman Bicknell – 7/8th

Men’s Next Gen – Matt Bicknell – 7th

US Junior Open

GU11 – Mabelle Sy – 6th

GU15 – Joelle Kim – 6th
GU15 – Heyang Angela Hong – 7/8th

GU19 – Ocean Ma – 5th