Tournament Roundup – OCT 20-22, 2023

In this edition of the Tournament Roundup, we are recapping one event from last weekend:

  • 2023 Jesters BC Junior Open (Jericho Tennis Club)

2023 Jesters BC Junior Open

Thank you and congratulations to an excellent tournament run by tournament director Richard Yendell and all of his tournament referees, sponsors, volunteers, and organizers for an incredible weekend! Over 130 of the top juniors from across BC and beyond came out to compete!

Here are the Top 3 placements in each division:


1st – Wali Maqsood
2nd – Albert Xian Tang
3rd – Karan Dhillon


1st – Joanna Zheng
2nd – Olivia Wijaya Liong
3rd – Eugenie Cao


1st – Kingsley D Yuan
2nd – James Yun
3rd – Omar Ghoneim


1st – Zayah Khambral
2nd – Annie Wang
3rd – Loretta Chung


1st – Shaan Bajwa
2nd – Jerry Shi
3rd – Bode Morrison


1st – Lily Fan
2nd – Victoria Cai
3rd – Mabelle Sy


1st – Arham Izhar
2nd – Calder Murray
3rd – Ethan Jain


1st – Wing Kai Gladys Ho
2nd – Joelle Kim
3rd – Heyang Angela Hong


1st – Wasey Maqsood
2nd – Roman Bicknell
3rd – Rohan Paliwal


1st – Maria F Min
2nd – Spring Ma
3rd – Hermione Cao

U11 Silver

1st – Damian Dunn
2nd – Theo Dunn
3rd – Darren Zheng

U13 Silver

1st – Nathan Jiao
2nd – Travis Shen
3rd – Emily Xu

U15 Silver

1st – Enzo Sartori
2nd – Aiden Zheng
3rd – Nick Nguyen

U19 Silver

1st – Alex Hann
2nd – Jay Li
3rd – Maia Hoechsmann

Congratulations to everyone for an incredible tournament! To view a full list of draws and results, please visit the 2023 Jesters BC Junior Open Club Locker Page.