Player Spotlight: Jacob Lin

Squash BC’s Executive Director, Colin Latchford, recently sat down with top BC Junior Jacob Lin for a discussion exploring Jacob’s squash career, how he balances his personal life, high-performance squash, and academic commitments, and his recent acceptance into Harvard University to play on their squash team for the upcoming season. Check out the full video interview below.

Jacob Lin has established himself as a prominent figure in the junior squash scene in BC, leaving a lasting impression on many. Through dedication and hard work, he has maintained an exceptional level of performance while becoming a strong role model for younger players by demonstrating admirable sportsmanship.

On how his first impressions of squash changed as he fell in love with the sport, Jacob said:

From the first day I stepped on court, I said: ‘Wow’. I just fell in love with the sport. Most people compare squash to chess on two feet, it’s a mental and physical game, and squash has four walls. There is so much variation; there’s the height of the ball, the speed, the angle, and just so much thinking involved in this game. It is this critical thinking aspect of squash that I really, really enjoy.

Among his noteworthy achievements are his two gold medals at the 2023 Canada Winter Games, his five Canadian Junior National Championships, and two podium finishes at the Canadian Junior Open, where he secured a spot in the top three. In addition, he showcased his skill and determination with an impressive top-four finish at the US Junior Open and a top-six finish at the British Junior Open. Notably, Jacob also earned the honour of representing Canada twice in the World Junior Squash Championships.

On his accomplishments during his potentially last season as a squash junior (the 2022-23 season), Jacob said:

This season was extremely, extremely special for me. This is probably one of the last seasons of my junior career. One of the highlights of the season was the US Junior Open, (where) I got top four – I got into the semifinals. This was a dream because the US Open is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and getting into the semifinals is astounding because it is a tournament with all the best players. It just shows all the hard work I have put in throughout the years, and all of the people who have supported me throughout the years – I feel very proud of myself and have to give a huge thanks to the people who have helped me along the way.

Beyond his individual success, Jacob has made significant contributions to the squash community through his involvement with the Sunshine Squash Club. By organising squash camps and seminars for aspiring junior players and imparting fundamental skills and advice, along with the other Sunshine Squash Club volunteers, Jacob has played a crucial role in cultivating the sport at a grassroots level.

As he prepares to graduate from high school, Jacob has been granted the opportunity to further his academic and athletic pursuits at Harvard University. His acceptance into the prestigious institution’s squash team for the upcoming 2023-24 season serves as a fitting culmination to his extraordinary junior squash career.

On why he chose Harvard University during the recruiting process, Jacob said:

First of all, it’s my dream school. Second of all, my campus visit was just amazing. Harvard is a big name, it’s a big school. The Harvard squash team is number one in college squash, but you know, when I’m around the teammates on the Harvard squash team, they are super super humble considering the fact they go to the number one school and they are number one in college squash. These people are humble, they are modest, and they treat me as a good human being. They respect me, they welcome me, and I had such a good time with these people, it felt like a second family. […] So around May (2023), I called the coaches and said ‘Okay yes, I am coming here!’

As Jacob embarks on this new chapter, Squash BC extends our best wishes for his future endeavours at Harvard University, both academically and athletically!