More than 100 Players Compete at the 2023 BC Junior Squash Championships

The 2023 BC Junior Squash Championships, held at the Vancouver Racquets Club from April 14-16, has concluded, leaving participants and spectators alike with unforgettable memories and exciting stories to share. This year, a record-breaking 109 juniors participated in the tournament, showcasing the rising popularity and talent within the squash community in British Columbia.

Competitors battled it out across various divisions, ranging from Boys and Girls U11 to U19 Gold, and also featured the introduction of several new Silver divisions. This expansion provided more opportunities for players of all skill levels to compete, fostering an inclusive environment and further fueling the growth of the sport.

In addition to the on-court action, Squash BC proudly launched the new Referee Development Program, aimed at nurturing the next generation of skilled and knowledgeable referees. The program’s successful debut highlights Squash BC’s dedication to improving all aspects of the sport, ensuring fair and enjoyable competitions for years to come.

Squash BC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Government of BC for providing grant funding, which made this exceptional event possible. We also express our gratitude to the Squash BC Staff and Board team for their tireless efforts in delivering the event, the Vancouver Racquets Club for hosting, and all Referee Development Program Members, who contributed to the event’s smooth operation.

Special recognition goes to Referee Mentors and Assessors Simon Bicknell and Lee Russell, who played pivotal roles in guiding and assessing the new referees. Their expertise and support have been invaluable in ensuring the success of the Referee Development Program.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the players, parents, and supporters who contributed to the event’s electrifying atmosphere. Your passion and dedication to the sport of squash is what made the 2023 BC Junior Squash Championships a truly unforgettable experience! Check out the gallery below for pictures of all medalists and read on for placements in each division. Congratulations to all participants on their incredible achievements!

Division Medalists

Boys Under 11

Gold – Marcelo Toriz (Richmond)

Silver – Zaba Li (Vancouver)

Bronze – James Yun (Richmond)

Girls Under 11 

Gold – Mabelle Sy (Richmond)

Silver – Annie Wang (Vancouver)

Bronze – Joanna Zheng (Richmond)

Boys Under 13

Gold – Daniel Wang (Vancouver)

Silver – Theo Song (Vancouver)

Bronze – Ethan Chan (Vancouver)

Girls Under 13

Gold – Veera Dhaliwal (Richmond)

Silver – Lily Fan (Vancouver)

Bronze – Malika Markman (Burnaby)

Boys Under 15

Gold – Yusuf Matti-Alvarez (Richmond)

Silver – Kamran Gwadry (Vancouver)

Bronze – Orin Song (Vancouver)

Girls Under 15

Gold – Wing Kai Gladys Ho (Vancouver)

Silver – Heyang Angela Hong (Vancouver)

Bronze – Ella Cao (Vancouver)

Boys Under 17

Gold – Roman Bicknell (West Vancouver)

Silver – WeiHan Wang (Vancouver)

Bronze – Jens Bolder (Vancouver)

Girls Under 17

Gold – Ocean Ma (Richmond)

Silver – Spring Ma (Richmond)

Bronze – Maria Min (Vancouver)

Boys Under 19

Gold – Jacob Lin (Richmond)

Silver – Harrison Yang (Richmond)

Bronze – Lucas Quon (Victoria)

Girls Under 19

Gold – Hermione Cao (Vancouver)

Silver – Kathryn Herring (Victoria)

Bronze – Lialah Mavani (West Vancouver)

Girls Silver Division

Gold – Alicia Angel (North Vancouver)

Silver – Juna Findlay (Vancouver)

Bronze – Charlize Keens (Victoria)

Boys Under 15 Silver Division

Gold – Keith Alexander (Victoria)

Silver – Kevin Yin (Victoria)

Bronze – Enzo Sartori (Victoria)

Under 19 Silver Division

Gold – Jasper Creed (West Vancouver)

Silver – Kaleb Armstrong (Victoria)

Bronze – Farnad Naseritakaloo (North Vancouver)


For a full list of results, visit the event’s Club Locker Page: 2023 BC Junior Squash Championships