2022 BC Junior Open Recap

From October 21st to 23rd, BC’s top juniors took to the courts at Evergreen Squash Club for the 2022 BC Junior Open. The weekend saw lots of fun, spirited, and action-packed matches with 152 juniors competing in the event across eight age and gender divisions! 

BC represented extremely well at the tournament, taking home titles in all divisions but one. With some great competition from other provinces as well, the first Junior Open tournament of the season was a great success! Squash BC congratulates all our winners, finalists, and participants for all their efforts throughout the tournament weekend.

Squash BC would like to thank Tournament Director Thomas Brinkman for all his hard work along with all the players, coaches, parents, tournament referees, volunteers, and organizers for executing this incredible event.

Here are the Top 3 placements in each division (BC Players in bold):


1st: Jacob Lin (BC) (pictured right below)
2nd: Joseph Toth (BC) (pictured left below)
3rd: Michael Knapp (AB)


1st: Ocean Ma (BC) (pictured right below)
2nd: Spring Ma (BC) (pictured left below)
3rd: Maria Min (BC)


1st: Dylan Scott (BC) (pictured right below)
2nd: Tristan Bracewell (BC) (pictured left below)
3rd: Jet Li (BC)


1st: Wing Kai Gladys Ko (BC) (pictured below)
2nd: Maya Askari (ON)
3rd: Ashley Hall (ON)


1st: Kamran Gwadry (BC) (pictured left below)
2nd: Baker Felesky (ON)
3rd: Logan Simmons (ON)


1st: Olivia Bolger (AB) (pictured right below)
2nd: Heyang Angela Hong (BC) (pictured left below)
3rd: Kiana Appoo (AB)


1st: Daniel Wang (BC) (pictured left below)
2nd: Obie Ryding (ON) (pictured right below)
3rd: Theo Song (BC)


1st: Clara Min (BC) (pictured left below)
2nd: Malika Markman (BC)
3rd: Amna Sultan (ON)

For a full list of tournament draws and results, please visit the 2022 BC Junior Open Club Locker Page.

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