Evergreen Summer Doubles Recap

After a two-year hiatus, the doubles squash community was brought back together at the Evergreen Summer Doubles tournament this past weekend, with over 60 participants playing across seven divisions!

The tournament was a blast with high-action matches, exhilarating finals, and lots of socializing over delicious beer, pizza, and burgers. For first-time Tournament Coordinator Snehal Lakhani, the event was a resounding success.

Squash BC would like to extend a big thank you not only to Snehal for all of his hard work over the past week, but also to Thomas BrinkmanCathy Covernton, the Evergreen Squash Club, and all the wonderful volunteers for their efforts in putting on such a great event.

Thank you as well to the amazing sponsors; Boston Pizza, R&B Brewing, Unsquashable and CC Squash for all their support throughout the weekend.

Here are the Top 3 placements in each division:

Mens Open (Round Robin)
1) Aaron Lakhani/Nick James
2) Kiyan Dhanani/Hamid Khosrow Kiani
3) Alex Garceau/Les Kerluke

Mixed Open
1) Cathy Coverton/Alex Garceau
2) Aaron Lakhani/Melissa Troll*
Consolation Winners: Laura Ramsay/Mike Lavigne
*Kiyan Dhanani subbed in for Aaron Lakhani in the finals due to injury

Division 1
1) Alim Dhanani/Kiyan Dhanani
2) Cathy Coverton/Melissa Troll
Consolation Winners: Will Stipout/Snehal Lakhani

Women’s Division 1 (Round Robin)
1) Annika Lakhani/Jenna Dhanani
2) Bonnie Cooney/Kelly Ann Zander
3) Henny Habibpour/Sandra White

Mixed Division 1
1) Richard Dustan/Kelly Ann Zander
2) Alim Dhanani/Jenna Dhanani
Consolation Winners: Rob Gutierrez/Henny Habibpour

Division 2
1) Thomas Charlton/Masoud Sohirad
2) Rohan Khara/Daniel Fredericks
Consolation Winners: TBD

60 Plus (Round Robin)
1) Richard Dustan/David Adams
2) Mat Warner/Chris Schwendener
3) Will Stipout/Terrence Lo

For a full list of results and all the tournament draws, please visit the Evergreen Summer Doubles Club Locker Page.