Squash BC established the Growth Initiative in 2019 with the goal of revitalizing squash in BC. This initiative, which is our core strategic direction, has the objective to substantially increase the programs and services Squash BC delivers to squash players and facilities – especially targeted at growing participation by recreational and grassroots players.

Squash BC is thrilled to announce that our Partnership Committee has successfully exceeded their $330,000 goal for the Growth Initiative’s Kickstart Fundraising Campaign, bringing in an incredible $342,000 so far.

“It’s enormously gratifying to have achieved the Kickstart fundraising target so quickly and for the Partnership Committee to know that its efforts, so generously supported by the squash community, have now made the Growth Initiative a reality”
– Allan Brown & Nancy Thompson, Partnership Committee Co-Chairs

Surpassing this target is a particularly impressive accomplishment, considering that the fundraising campaign started in August 2019 and was extensively interrupted just six months later by COVID restrictions.

Now, the timing could not be better. With pandemic restrictions recently relaxed and Growth Initiative programs pilot-tested and ready to go, Squash BC will utilize the Kickstart funds to fuel Growth Initiative activities designed to drive rapid player recruitment, program expansion, and overall participation growth for the next three years.

“I’m incredibly impressed by and grateful for the tireless work of our Partnership Committee and the unparalleled generosity of our donors. Now with the fuel required to make the Growth Initiative a reality, I cannot wait to deliver the impacts this funding will have on our sport!”
– Colin Latchford, Squash BC Executive Director

Squash BC is exceedingly grateful for the tireless efforts of our Partnership Committee. Thank you to Co-Chairs Allan Brown and Nancy Thompson, as well as Committee Members John Hungerford, Hugh Woolley, Eddie Gudewill, Scott MacInnis, Natasha Doucas, and Rashid Aziz. Further, we are truly thankful to all our community members who donated to the campaign. Your generosity and support of squash will be felt for years to come.

With the initial Kickstart fundraising campaign complete, Squash BC moves into the next phase of our Growth Initiative: our ongoing revenue generation plan. This phase will promote financial sustainability through our programming expansion, while building a variety of revenue streams including individual donations, corporate sponsorships, program registrations, membership growth, and more.

For more information about the Squash BC Growth Initiative, including an introduction to our next phase of fundraising and an update on Growth Initiative Programs, please download our latest Donor Update. And if you would like to support the Squash BC Growth Initiative, consider donating to our Building the Future Fund.