Canadian Junior Squash Championships Preview: Top BC Juniors in Action

The country’s top junior squash athletes are hitting the courts in Victoria this week (May 5th – 8th) to compete in the 2022 Canadian Junior Squash Championships. Cedar Hill Squash Club is hosting the Gold Divisions, where up to 16 athletes will compete in each category to earn the title of National Champion. St. Michael’s University School is hosting a companion Silver Draw where more athletes will join in on the action.

The event features the Squash Canada Glass Power Court, which will have matches live streamed. WATCH LIVE:

“The City of Victoria and Squash BC are thrilled to host the Canadian Junior Closed Championships and particularly excited to give our young athletes the opportunity to play on the glass court,” said Tournament Chair Benjamin Uliana. “We thank all of our sponsors, volunteers, officials and of course the participants for their support in making this event a huge success”.

Top BC Juniors headline several of the draws as top seeds. In Girls U17, top seed Maria Min of Vancouver will look to follow up her 2021 title with another Canadian championship. Also defending a Nationals title is Richmond’s Joelle Kim, who leads the Girls U15 draw as top seed. Rounding out the BC top seeds is Veera Dhaliwal of Richmond in the Girls U13 draw.

All BC athletes competing this week are listed below, by division:

Girls U19 Gold

Alex Brown, Sophie Dorrius, Sofia Quon, Athena Yu, Cynthia Yu

Boys U19 Gold

Jacob Lin, Morven Liu, Rio Schafer, Joseph Toth, Christian Yuen

Girls U17 Gold

Sarah Aki, Hermione Cao, Kathryn Herring, Kira Gwadry, Ocean Ma, Spring Ma, Lialah Mavani, Maria Min

Boys U17 Gold

Roman Bicknell, Jens Bolder, Henry Jiang, Dylan Scott, Richard Wang, WeiHan Wang

Girls U15 Gold

Ella Cao, Heyang Angela Hong, Joelle Kim, Yu Ying Ng

Boys U15 Gold

Anderson Brown, Kamran Gwadry, Nathan Ko, Yusuf Matti-Alvarez, Orin Song, Norman Yue

Girls U13 Gold

Jayme Bracewell, Veera Dhaliwal, Malika Markman, Clara Min

Boys U13 Gold

Daniel Wang, Theo Song, Joseph Suh, Daniel Tiwana

Girls U11 Companion

Loretta Chung, Lily Fan, Mabelle Sy

Boys U11 Companion

Kieran Boyd, Dinno Cheng, Nathan Lai, Zaba Li, Joshua Suh, Marcelo Toriz, Nolan Tupper, Kingsley Yuan

Boys U19 Silver

Jacob Chow, Neal Jacobs, Jamie Kim, William Jensen

Girls U17 Silver

Mei Chan, Coco Li, Reva Zucko

Boys U17 Silver

Tristan Bracewell, Yoyo Chan, Aryan Dudeja, Bryson Henry, Joshua Krueger, Jaden Lee, Jet Li, Lucas Quon, Isaak Song

Boys U15 Silver

Kaleb Armstrong, Shaan Bajwa, Jonathan Gower, Leon Han, Safeer Lalji, Keoni Markman, Christian Mundstock, Roshan Pathak, Zun Shi, Steven Wang, Vincent Wei

Girls U13 Silver

Rennie Cheng, Mila Lampa, Rachel Wang, Madison Xu

Boys U13 Silver

Max Arndt, James Ashwin, Charles Gagne, Michael Liu, Kieran MacKay, Carsten Rodger, Oliver Talbot, Sebastian Tupper

For a full list of draws, schedules, results, and live scores, check out the event’s Club Locker Profile: