We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Squash Starters Program Portal and debut the first promotional video for this exciting junior grassroots squash initiative!

Check out: SquashStarters.com

The Squash Starters Program Portal is a landing page that directs potential participants to our program partners across the province. This centralized marketing asset allows us to assist facilities in recruiting new squash players to help fill their programs. Squash BC will be using our promotional video to drive traffic to the new site – and through to our program partners!

Facilities, if you would like to list your programs through this portal – and receive the associated program grants and FREE equipment – please contact us at sportdevelopment@squashbc.com to set up a Squash Starters Program.

Potential participants, SquashStarters.com to find a program near you!

Squash BC thanks to the viaSport BC Community Sport Participation Program and Squash BC Building the Future Fund and 2020 Fund donors for supporting this initiative. As well, thanks to Atlee James of Potential Pictures, Shawn Zwierzchowski, and all our “model” students and coaches for putting together the video!

About Squash Starters
Squash Starters Programs are structured squash programs focused on play-based learning – which supports the development of participants, on and off the squash court!

Participants will be led by a Safe Sport-compliant program leader, who will guide participants towards meeting the Squash BC physical, tactical, and technical competencies for each level of play.

Squash Starters Programs can vary from club to club, as the program leader has the freedom to put their own spin on the program content and delivery – but ALL Squash Starters Programs are focused on FUN, safe, and effective athlete development!

Learn More about the Squash BC Junior Pathway Program