Inside the Court – Helen Kim


Helen Kim was introduced to squash in her first year at the University of Victoria. She and her friend wanted to find a racquet sport other than tennis where they could play indoors and fortunately discovered squash. Helen was able to continue playing recreationally when she  transferred to the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada where there were courts on campus and squash was an established activity.

After university, Helen moved back to BC and took a break from squash due to work and lack of available courts. She picked up the sport again decades later at the Bonsor Recreation Complex in Burnaby, BC where she took lessons to get reacquainted with the sport. Her instructor mentioned to her that Bonsor was putting together a ladies league team and asked Helen if she would be interested in joining. This for Helen was perfect as it was an opportunity to play an organized sport, get some exercise, have fun, and meet other squash players.

Roles with the Sport and with Squash BC

Helen has been involved in the squash community as a former Co-Chair of Women’s Squash Week, Squash Director on the Vancouver Racquets Club Board and advocate/volunteer for local squash events.

She has been a part of the Women and Girls in Squash Committee for 3 years and has been a major contributor to the Squash BC, “Women’s Squash Week” events. For Helen, Women’s Squash Week is a way of giving back and trying to involve more women in the sport. It motivates her to see the joy of women discovering squash and learning to love the sport.

Vision for Squash in BC 

Helen is immensely passionate about squash and would love to see the sport grow in many areas. Helen has mentioned that she would like Squash BC to continue to promote the sport and bring awareness to the general public, build and maintain relationships with all squash facilities in BC to make squash more accessible to everyone, and increase the number of junior and female players across BC.

Helen believes female participation is a huge opportunity for the sport of squash and that we have to continue to introduce women to the sport through events like our Women’s Squash Week. There are many benefits of the sport that cater to women who have limited time and resources to dedicate to an activity. Women’s Squash Week gives women in all communities an opportunity to discover those benefits.

Helen Kim is a respected contributor to the sport of squash and Squash BC appreciates her vast involvement in the growth of the sport. Thank you Helen!