Inside the Court – Natasha Doucas

We are introducing a new interview series that highlights Squash BC’s community members, their backgrounds, their role with Squash BC, and their vision for the sport. We want to share stories of individuals and how their contributions have helped grow the sport. This interview series will be brought to you by Cade Oliver, our Sport Development Intern.


Natasha Doucas first experienced squash in her hometown of Montreal, Quebec. Her brother played competitive squash from juniors into early adulthood. His passion for the sport  led her to try the sport out for herself. Natasha started at the age of 13 at the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association squash club. Having played tennis for 5-6 years prior to that, she was already familiar with racquet sports. Throughout her years playing squash, she has most enjoyed the squash community itself, her coaches having been great role models for her, and the thrill of traveling and seeing new places through sport.

Role on the Board of Directors of Squash BC

Natasha plays a significant part in the success of Squash BC and is currently the Squash BC Board President. Collectively, the board members are responsible for the direction of the organization and for responding to the evolving changes of the community. Natasha believes in leading by listening to stakeholders and community members, and responding as a team. The board sets overall goals using a strategic plan to move the sport forward and make a positive impact in communities across the province.

Natasha and the Board are passionate about the sport of squash and they volunteer their time in the community. There are always evolving changes in squash and Natasha has expressed that the key to moving forward is creating a vision of growth for the sport while collaborating with the various stakeholders in working towards achieving the strategic plan.

Vision for the Sport

Natasha wants to see more community engagement including partnerships and sponsorships, cross participation in sports, and communication of the health benefits of the sport. Natasha also sees a need for finding more passionate coaches, especially females, who can help people be the best they can be in reaching their personal goals. In her years with the sport, coaches have played an instrumental part of her life and she wants the same positive experience for everyone involved in the sport.

Squash BC certainly would not be the same without the incredible contributions of volunteers like Natasha! If you want to learn more about Natasha and the other Squash BC Board Members, visit: and stay tuned for our next interview!