Monthly Movement with Jamie: Dynamic vs Static Warm-Ups

Each month, Jamie Sonego will be contributing a feature to our newsletter. Read on for the first edition. Squash BC thanks Jamie for this awesome content!
Hello fellow squash players! My name is Jamie Sonego. I am a physiotherapist based in Vancouver, working out of Baseline Health and Wellness. I am also an avid singles and doubles squash player in the city. Over the past 2 years, with the closing and opening of our squash clubs, it has been a challenge to remain active. Many of us have been working from home and we are all trying to find a way to safely get back to the sport we love! Through this monthly newsletter I am hoping to provide you with useful advice, tips, exercises to help either get you back on the court, get you stronger on the court, and keep you safe on the court.
As we return to the squash season after the break, it is important to remember to warm up! A proper warm up before any type of activity/sport is so important. A dynamic warm-up can help to improve your athletic performance and also prevent injury. A dynamic warm up vs. a static warm up is one that gets our body moving.
The purpose of a dynamic warm up is to increase blood flow to the areas which we will be working and to wake up the nervous system. It should mimic movements that you will use consistently throughout the course of your upcoming activity.
Below is an example of a dynamic exercise to help improve your range of motion and warm up your muscles and joints. Try these two dynamic movements prior to stepping on the court.
If you have any questions, areas of interest, or information you would like to see in next month’s newsletter I look forward to seeing you all out on the courts!