Squash BC Announces New Safe Sport Requirements

Squash BC joins other sport groups across the country in our Safe Sport Commitment to creating a sport environment that is accessible, inclusive, respectful of a participant’s personal goals, and is free from all forms of maltreatment. As part of this commitment, Squash BC requires certain groups within our community complete various Safe Sport education courses and certifications.

Who needs to complete Safe Sport Training?

In the chart below, we outline a variety of user groups that we now require to complete Safe Sport training courses to continue in that role for Squash BC. For coaches, these requirements are in effect if you are leading or assisting with a Squash BC Program. Squash BC Programs are those that we put forth, such as our Roving Ambassador Program or our Post Secondary Program.

Although we encourage facilities to review our requirements in relation to their programs, the ultimate decision over whether to implement similar requirements is yours.

When do Safe Sport Trainings need to be completed by?

Unless indicated otherwise, the requirements in the chart below need to be completed by March 31, 2022.

Will Squash BC assist me in completing my requirements?

Squash BC is here to help. You can always email sportdevelopment@squashbc.com to get assistance with finding and registering for Safe Sport Training Courses. As well, check out our Safe Sport Requirements Page to get more information about each course.

Safe Sport Requirements Chart:

*Tournament Director Requirements come into effect September 1, 2022
**Committee Member Requirements come into effect for 2022-2023 iterations of each committee/task force
***Coaches must at least be registered for a Making Ethical Decisions course by March 31, 2022. This course and its associated evaluations can be completed anytime until December 31, 2022.