Squash BC’s Individual Membership Turnover Date is November 1st each year. That means that today all 2020/21 season memberships will expire. Right now, you fall into one of three categories:
  1. You already bought your 2021/22 membership through Club Locker. Congratulations, you are in the clear for the season! Squash BC thanks you for your support. As a reminder, if you took advantage of the free pre-season period, the credit card transaction should appear on your statement on November 1st, regardless of when you registered.
  2. You have an inactive or expiring membership, but your home facility has or will be purchasing you a membership through our Bulk Membership Renewal program. If you’re unclear on whether your club participates in this program, it’s a good idea to check in with them or our office prior to purchasing your 2021/22 Squash BC membership. There are still several clubs that have not completed this process yet who intend to.
  3. You have an inactive or expiring membership and you normally purchase it directly from Squash BC (previously through Sporty HQ). If you fall into this camp, you should check out our handy Individual Membership Registration/Renewal Guide. This simple 1-page document will walk you through the renewal process on Club Locker and overview our new Auto-Renew option.

IMPORTANT: If you’re unclear of your current membership status, visit the Squash BC Membership Page in Club Locker. If it shows the option to “BUY MEMBERSHIP” it means you do not have a currently active Squash BC Membership. We have encountered some instances of people registering for membership during the pre-season trial period and it not carrying through past the turnover date. Note: if this happened to you, it means that your credit card was not charged in the original transaction. We have resolved the issue that caused this, but unfortunately we have no way to check who was affected. Please proceed with registering again and reach out to office@squashbc.com if you have any questions or require assistance.

If you’re still considering whether to join Squash BC this season, don’t forget to review our Membership Benefits. And if you’re ready to register, head to Club Locker, where you can purchase or renew your 2021/22 Squash BC Membership.
We appreciate the patience of our community while we transitioned this process (and others) over to Club Locker. If you’re unclear about your current membership status or have any questions about 2021/22 memberships, our office is here to help. Feel free to email office@squashbc.com if you have any questions or require assistance.