2023 Squash BC Service Awards

The Squash BC Service Awards recognize the unwavering commitment of volunteers who have devoted their time and effort to promote, organize, and champion squash within the community. These awards also acknowledge player athletes who embody exemplary sportsmanship while showcasing exceptional athletic abilities. Here is a summary of the the deserving recipients of the awards for the 2022-2023 Squash BC season:


The President’s Plate is awarded to the best supporter of our game and our Association. The trophy has recent history, having been donated by then-President of the B.C.S.R.A., John Cartmel, in 1978.

2023 Recipient: Yasmine Franchi

Yasmine (Yaz) Franchi has volunteered and supported squash in BC in a myriad of ways for the past ten years. Yaz has donated her time and effort to design countless logos and posters for a variety of squash tournaments and events and she was instrumental in Squash BC’s rebranding back in 2019. As a certified National Doubles Squash Referee, she has also donated her time officiating matches for various doubles tournaments. Yaz is a true advocate for the sport, a dependable volunteer, and Women’s Squash Week Ambassador who is deserving of the President’s Plate Award as one of the best supporters of our game and our Association.


The Kevin Kydd Award is awarded to the individual or group of individuals who has/have unselfishly inspired, coached and/or mentored the Junior squash players. This award was donated and started by Paul King and family.

2023 Recipient: Colin Whitney

In his first year as the Squash Pro at Shawnigan Lake School, Colin put forth 1 Gold Series, 3 Silver Series, and 3 Squash Starters events – more than any other coach or facility this year. As well, Colin has worked as a Roving Ambassador for the Northern Island region and provided consistent mentorship and assistance to grassroots junior programs at facilities like Comox Recreation Centre and Bayside Squash Club. As a supporter of junior development in the province and for all his work since his return to BC, Colin Whitney is deserving of the Kevin Kydd Award. 


The Massy Goolden Award, named after dedicated squash enthusiast Captain Massy Goolden, is designated to honour junior players for their athletic achievements at national, provincial and/or international events along with their true embodiment of sportsmanship.

2023 Recipients: Ocean Ma and Jacob Lin

Ocean Ma is a top-performing BC junior player who was the only Canadian medalist at the 2022 US Junior Open. As a three-time Canadian Junior National Champion, Ocean represents the epitome of athletic achievement. She placed 22nd in her division in the 2022 World Junior Championships, won Gold in both the team and individual events for Team BC at the 2023 Canada Winter Games, and won the U17 BC Junior Closed Championships to become provincial champion yet again. Through this, she has shown remarkable sportsmanship and respect to fellow opponents and has inspired young squash players thanks to her community contributions through the Sunshine Squash Club and by running Squash Starters clinics during her school’s spring break. Her success has been tremendous and has earned her the Massy Goolden award in 2023. 

Jacob Lin is extremely hard-working and dedicated. As a five-time Canadian Junior National Champion, Jacob has shown what it takes to be successful in squash at the highest level. Some of his highest accomplishments include reaching the Top 3 twice at the Canadian Junior Open, placing fourth at the US Junior Open, sixth at the British Junior Open, and being nominated twice as a Canadian National Team member for the World Squash Junior Championships. Thanks to his dedication to the sport, Jacob has been accepted to attend Harvard University this coming fall to play for their college squash team. Furthermore, Jacob’s community contribution as part of the Sunshine Squash Club has helped grow the sport at a fundamental level, earning him the Massy Goolden award in 2023.


The Ernie Rogers Bowl is awarded for the best record in national and international competition. Named after Ernest Rogers, The Rogers Trophy was established in appreciation of the contribution to squash made by both Ernest and Irene Rogers, of the Rogers Sugar family.

2023 Recipient: 2023 Canada Winter Games Team

The 2023 Canada Winter Games Squash Team achieved an unparalleled level of success at this year’s event. For the first time since squash expanded to four medal events, a single province swept all four gold medals – Team BC! Jacob Lin and Ocean Ma won individual gold medals for the boys and girls events, respectively. Spring Ma also won the girls individual silver medal. Both the Girls Team (Hermione Cao, Ocean Ma, Spring Ma, Maria Min) and the Boys Team (Roman Bicknell, Jacob Lin, Weihan Wang, Harrison Yang) took home team golds to cap off an incredible week. Special recognition also goes to team coaches Giselle Delgado and Ben Uliana, along with all volunteers that supported the team throughout the competition.


The Sport BC President’s Award is presented annually at the Sport BC Athlete of the Year Awards Gala. It allows each member sport organization to recognize a key volunteer who made a significant contribution to their sport.

2023 Recipient: Allan Brown 

Allan Brown’s contributions to squash are perhaps too significant to adequately convey through words. His leadership of both the development of the 2020 Fund and Building the Future Fund has set Squash BC up for success going forward as we work to revitalize squash throughout BC, with a focus on grassroots participation development. Allan has served as the Chair of our Partnership Committee from its inception through until last year when he stepped down to take on other projects, like Squash BC & BC Jesters Partnership Development, and other key initiatives that support squash. Allan’s contributions to our sport – both financial and time-based – are beyond the scale of what could be expected from any volunteer. Thank you Allan!


The Squash Canada Certificate of Achievement Award is presented each year at Squash Canada’s Annual General Meeting. It allows each member Province or Territory to recognize an individual or group that has made a significant contribution to squash at the provincial level.

2023 Recipient: Squash BC Partnership Committee 

The Squash BC Partnership Committee has been the driving force behind our Growth Initiative. This volunteer group collectively raised $452,000 in donor funding to support our new programs and initiatives. As well, they were instrumental in developing the vision for our Growth Initiative and building the strategic resource plan that is making it a reality. This group has now completed their term with Squash BC, but their impact will be felt for many years to come.

Squash BC extends our deepest gratitude to its members: Allan Brown (Chair), Nancy Thompson (Chair), Rashid Aziz, Natasha Doucas, Edward Gudewill, John Hungerford, Scott MacInnis, and Hugh Woolley.

Congratulations to all the awards winners!