The 2023 Canadian Squash Championships, held in Montreal from May 10-14, ended on a high note for the British Columbia (BC) squash community, with several top-4 finishes across a range of categories!

Matt Bicknell took home the title in the Men’s Under 23 category, winning the final in five. Also securing a National Championship title was Gerry Poulton, who brought home gold in the Men’s Over 80 draw. Our top female athletes also had strong showings in the event, with Nicole Bunyan coming second in the Women’s Open category and Giselle Delgado finishing fourth.

BC had more impressive showings across the rest of the event. In the Women’s Under 23 division, Nicole Temple took home an impressive second place. The Men’s B category saw Cameron Thomas earn a third-place finish. And in the Women’s A category, Kristen Iverson performed admirably, clinching second place.

The Men’s Over 40 and Over 45 categories also saw strong representation from BC, with Andrew Clements and Erik Zaremba both securing third-place finishes, and Richard Yendell coming in fourth in the Over 45 category.

The Men’s Over 50 and Over 60 categories saw BC’s Andrew Lynn and Barry Gifford each earning a fourth-place finish, while in the Men’s Over 65 category, Terry Sunar took second place and Thomas Bedore landed in fourth place. 

Click here for a full list of match results and draws from the 2023 Canadian Squash Championships. 

In addition to the competitors, BC was also represented on the officiating side, with Simon Bicknell contributing as a referee. His dedication and impartiality added to the success of this national event.

This week’s results underscore the strength and vitality of the squash community in BC, as athletes across all age groups and categories demonstrated their skills on the national stage. We’re looking forward to more impressive performances at the 2024 Canadian Squash Championships!